Super Smash Bros. Melee

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GamerBook team

“We believe actual social network platforms are very nice but are not very well adapted for gamers.
Whether too exposed to others or too hidden and difficult to access,
actual tools don’t fulfill our hopes as gamers perfectly.”

“We believe that full dedicated private spaces created around each
game’s (or activities) specificities are the future of the social network.
Our project is to give each game a personalized space to share and meet with other passionate.”

“But creating a game Social Network requests us a lot of time and work.
This project is for now only a side activity and we have to deal with our work for a living.
We want to focus 100% on this project, make it a proper company,
and being able to improve and develop all of our ideas.
Support our work and support your game to make it our priority and make it available!”

“We strongly believe on our projects and we expect to be able to gather millions of users.
Any help is welcome and you can support us with any amount you can.
Any amount will be already a big help and will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much for your support and see you soon in your favorite game room.”

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